Monday, February 13, 2012

Curses! Foiled Again!

It's never easy to write about defeat... That the mighty landcruiser blew-up just hours prior to heading south across the border was a disappointment substantial enough that it's been tough to even write about. Few years ago I had the engine re-done by someone who botched the job pretty good and never made it right. Result was that she let loose again, blowing a head gasket most likely due to the fact that the valve sleeve clearance at the top of the head was too much which was holding the head up and keeping the gasket from being compressed properly. That it's a diesel engine, never officially imported into the states (Japanese domestic model only) has meant that shopping for parts had to be done in Japan and Australia. So months later now, those parts have yet to even leave the land down-under.  So we're likely still 3-4 weeks away from a rebuilt engine even now.
So it's satisfaction delayed. No escape to old Mexico anytime soon and a big repair bill to pay in order to free her from her unhappy current residence in Simi Valley. Happily, Gabriel and Mega Motors seems exceptionally competent and accomplished. I feel certain he'll do a great job piecing the black beast back together. The cruiser will rise again. As they say in Mexico however...."Manana". And as a good friend once told to me, when they tell you "Manana, it doesn't actually mean it will happen tomorrow, it just means that it WON'T happen today....."

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